Tall Poppy


Design 2012
Tall Poppy – clothes valet
W420 x D330 x H1530 mm
Materials: 32mm thick marine plywood board, brass furnishings/screws, solid colour laminate sheet.

Tall Poppy is a simple tool that allows keeping clothes and accessories in order. Its shape is ascetic and purely functional, but it is also pleasing on eye when not in use. Its look does not dominate the room and the product can be easily moved around.
My inspiration for its lines came from the world of flora. It consists of two stem-like curves that grow from ground up bending to appropriate shape. One of the stems has an open end that plays a role of a hat holder; another is completed with a “flower” – a bowl for accessories. Additional connecting parts are designed to compliment the overall form and to give structural strength and function.
Tall Poppy is designed for both men and women of different ages and fashion styles; and fits into any contemporary bedroom or private office.

Furniture, product, homewares, entry hall, bedroom